The origin of Pixel Licker

One dark and stormy night (in 2006) I sat at my PC, the soft glow of sprite art illuminating the room. My gaze was fixed on the tiny dots that captivated me so. I had studied them for years. Since childhood, they had painted the landscape of the games I had cherished. They were so small, so bright, so happy... so tasty. Looking around, I realized no one was there to see me indulge the strange thoughts running through my brain. As my head inched toward the monitor, my eyes focused on the pixels. It was over in a moment. My tongue touched the monitor and I knew. I knew what a pixel tasted like.

What is Pixel Licker?

Pixel Licker was started as a place for me to get my art and games out on the web. I really loved the arcades as a kid and I want to try and capture that sense of simplicity and fun in my own work. And hopefully others will enjoy it too. In 2012, I founded Pixel Licker LLC to help get my games out to more platforms as an independant developer.

Who is Reggie Schreiber?

He's just some artist dude who likes playing and making games. He also likes making pixel art, which usually inspires him to want to make more games.

What does a pixel taste like?

Kinda like chicken.

How do I tell Pixel Licker Games what I think of their attempts at entertainment?

You can email your thoughts, suggestions or deepest gaming desires to