Once upon a time, in a happy, little kingdom there lived a happy, little knight. His name was Knightly. Knightly's heart was devoted to a fair princess named Gwennie. He spent his days proving his affections by doing great deeds in her name. Gwennie, as often is the case with princesses, was wandering near the edge of a dark woods one day when she was kidnapped by the old witch, Hazel.

The king's advisor, a wise, old wizard, saw the kidnapping in his crystal ball. But he knew the crafty old witch and feared that even Knightly would not be able to rescue Gwennie. So he presented Knightly with a magical amulet, shaped like a heart.

"This Heart Crest has the power to combat the dark and scary things in the woods.," he told Knightly. "It can gather the power of your foes and make you strong enough to rescue the princess. It also has the power to make you fly!"

Knightly, armed with the Heart Crest, flew into the woods, unaware of the dangers that lay ahead of him.

The bravest knight in the happy, little kingdom. He wears magical armor emblazoned with the Heart Crest.
Princess Gwennie

The happy, little kingdom's lovely princess.
Witch Hazel

A wily old woman who lives in the dark woods. She has kidnapped the princess and is holding her in her enchanted house.
Wise Old Wizard

The king's advisor. He gives Knightly the Heart Crest to help him rescue the princess.

System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, XP or Vista
Pentium 1Ghz or higher recommended
512MB RAM (2GB recommended with XP)
DirectX 9c or higher