Released Games:

Treasure Buster is an action game that is a cross between pinball and an RPG.  Fling your hero into enemies to knock down their health and release their loot.  Find shops along the way to buy items to help you survive.  Choose from 6 characters and fight your way through 5 devious dungeons in search of the ultimate treasure.

Slayin’ for smartphones takes an already great action game and expands upon it. Take up the role of a knight, wizard, knave, archer, tamer or ninja and slay your way through 30 new levels, 3 new bosses and 3 game modes. Earn Fame Points to spend in the local tavern and decorate your hero’s memorial to show off to your friends.

Slayin’ is an action game.  Take up the role of a knight, wizard or knave and slay your way through the evil hordes on a quest to rid the land of the dreaded dragon.

Note: V1.144 adds fullscreen and gamepad support.  The Flash version is no longer available.

Pumpkin Patch is an arena shooter with a twist.  Defend your pumpkins against the creatures of the night who are trying to steal them.

Knightly in the Dark Forest is a horizontal scrolling shooter inspired by the games of my youth.  It was my first attempt at a project and includes one level and a boss.  Lots of rough edges, but it was a great learning experience.  I hope to find the time to finish it one day.