Post #1: New Beginnings

Time to stop putting this blogging thing off and get the word out about my newest game: Slayin 2 (the true sequel to Slayin and not to be confused with Slayin 2.0, which was just an update to Slayin). The hope here is to keep people informed about the progress of the game and the thoughts that go into it. As I get closer to a more polished build, I will upload content so everyone can see the direction the game is going in.

I can say for sure that I want each Slayin game to feel like it would have been released in progressively more modern eras of gaming. Where Slayin 1 might have been informed by the mid 80’s arcade era, Slayin 2 will be born of the early 90’s arcade era, when hardware improved but there was still a thriving 2D scene. I am also working on making the game fun for co-op play, although I haven’t determined what form that experience will take shape as. The primary focus is a single player adventure format, where you work your way across the game world and take on enemies unique to each area. There will be some rpg elements like upgrading weapons and abilities as well as persistent character growth.

There is still a lot to work out, so stay tuned for more info in the coming days.